Press Release

Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Day

27 June 2024

Message of UN Secretary-General António Guterres

“Leveraging the Power and Resilience of MSMEs to Accelerate Sustainable Development and Eradicate Poverty in times of Multiple Crises” 

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are central to economies around the world. 

Today, we recognize their vital contributions in creating jobs, driving economic growth, and empowering women, youth and marginalized communities.

This year’s theme focuses on the role of these enterprises in eradicating poverty and achieving the Sustainable Developing Goals. In times of crises – from cost-of living to climate change to debt distress – micro, small and medium-sized enterprises have demonstrated remarkable resilience. 

Yet many continue to face limited access to finance, technology, markets and supply chains. These enterprises require policies, support structures and investments that promote their growth and formalization – and, in turn, help communities prosper, uplift the most vulnerable, and pave the way for more sustainable and just livelihoods.

As we celebrate Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to strengthen our support to these entities, accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and leave no one behind.


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