Press Release

Global Round Table on Information and Communications Technologies Security Capacity-Building

11 May 2024

Message of UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Peace and security in the physical world demand new approaches to peace and security in the digital world.  Your round table highlights this vital link.

Unlocking the benefits of digital technology means closing the digital divide and ensuring its many benefits are shared by all people. But closing the digital divide also means closing the glaring gaps in the security of information and communication technology.  Such gaps place countries and, most importantly, people at risk.

More than ever, global security depends on the security of digital technology.  We need to ensure that States fully implement the agreed norms of responsible behaviour in their use of digital technology.  This is the only way to protect not only people, but the infrastructure they depend on. And we need to support developing countries to increase their digital security capacity.

Digital security is a critical part of the New Agenda for Peace. We need strong frameworks for collaboration on threats to global peace and security, in line with international law, human rights, and the UN Charter.

This round table is a key opportunity for countries to share their ideas, experiences, and commitment to this vital issue.  Thank you all for being part of this essential work.


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